Dance Camp North

Following members meetings at Camp in August 2017 and a follow-up AGM in October 2017 it was decided to stop running Dance Camp North and associated activities. 

A group of people are keen to keep this tradition going and can be contacted via the Friends of Dance Camp North Facebook page here.

A new camp is happening - its called Northern Spirit and the first camp is named Phoenix Rising.  It is the same dates - 17th - 24th August 2018 and is on a new site. 

You can book here: Eventbright

You can contact the group via Facebook here

One week

17th till 25th of August 2018

One place

a beautiful 42 acre nature reserve in North Yorkshire with badger hides, observatories, a stone circle and a Saxon round house

One community

a family friendly camp from 0 to 110 years old.

One intention

to connect in creativity, music, dance & play, to co-create a meaningful, safe and inclusive community

One price

£50 an adult - £25 a child* (up to 18 years old)

*plusbooking fee

One chance

to have a break from the hectic world, share gifts, talents & skills and receive those of others

One opportunity

for children, teens & adults to be free range, involved, creative and artistic

The details have not been worked out in full and actually that is the point, the camp over the week will be a product of those that attend.

Already there is commitment to singing, yoga, various types of dance, music, a creative area, types of healing and well-being.

The cost is being kept deliberately low, where else can you camp for 8 nights for £50? It's so cheap there is just one price no matter how long you want to stay. From experience you will get the most from staying all week. The next best option is coming for the first weekend. People coming later tend to take longer to settle and coming for the ending isn't much fun at all!

Eventbright charges a booking fee. Its all easy and clear when you chose your ticket. If you dont want to pay that way please search Facebook for Northern Spirit Phoenix Rising group, join and find out how else you can pay. Once you have booked you will get a confirmation email and someone from our community will be in touch about our co-created camp.

Please note that for insurance purposes there is no entry on the gate - pre-booked tickets only

There is a limited number of tickets ~ book soon!